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” Use Plastic Lumber as wood without the limitations.”
Simply the best trim board you will ever use!

Plastic Lumber and Trim
  • Will not rot, decay, crack, or check
  • Wipe, then paint; no primer needed.
  • Fire rated to UL94 VO, UL94 5V, and UL48.
  • Easily installed using standard saw blades, nails, screws, or glue.
  • Lightweight and workable with standard saws.
  • No raised grain, surface checks, or end splits.
  • Can be shaped or profiled.
  • Insect and termite proof.
  • Will not absorb water.
  • Easily cut, screwed, glued, or stapled.
  • Only one finish topcoat of latex required.


Product Comparison
Spruce PrimeTrim X-CELWOOD
Hold on material above grade 8″ 6″ 0″
Contact with concrete No No Yes
Expose to water No No Yes
Fascia nailed at 24″ centers Yes Yes Yes
Other nailing at 16″ centers Yes Yes Yes
Face nailing 1/2″ from edge 1/2″ from edge 1/2″ from edge
Edge nailing Predrilled or will split Predrilled or will split No special requirement
Gap required 1/8″ 1/8″ 1/8″
Painting High quality acrylic latex or oil base High quality acrylic latex or oil base High quality
acrylic latex or oil base
Water absorption Absorbs water Absorbs water Does not absorb
Insects Does not resist Does not resist Resistant to
Decay Will decay Will decay Will not decay


X-Celwood is plastic wood

X-CELWOOD is an excellent choice for residential applications.


Typical Properties – Physical
Property Test Unit Value
Specific gravity ASTM D 792 g/cm3 0.55
Water absorption ASTM D 570 0% 0.30
Shore D hardness ASTM D 2240 70



Typical Properties – Thermal
Property Test Unit Value
Heat disportion temp
(under load at 264 psi)
ASTM D 648 °F 130
Coefficient of linear expansion ASTM D 696 in/in/F 35 x 10
Thermal conductivity ASTM D 177 Btu in/hr ft °F 0.50



Flammability Standards
Other Property Rating
UL 94 5V Passed
UL 48 N/A Passed




Stock Sizes Available
18′ Length 20′ Length
1 x 4 5/4 x 4
1 x 6 5/4 x 6
1 x 8 5/4 x 8
1 x 10 5/4 x 10
1 x 12 5/4 x 12
1 x 16 5/4 x 16
1 x 24 5/4 x 24
1 x 48 5/4 x 48


Install plastic lumber wherever wood trim is used.
Apply directly to structural members or over existing siding.


Circular saw: Use conventional high speed steel or carbide saw blades.
Band saw: Use 4 to 8 teeth per inch at speeds of 3,000 to 5,000 fpm.


Use air-powered finish-nail gun or six-penny galvanized box.
Fascia nailed to framing, 24″ o.c. max.
Corner or band, 16″ o.c. max.


Remove any grease or dirt with alcohol or naphtha.
Will accept acrylic-based lacquers, urethane and vinyl-based paints.
Sherwin Williams Prolane (polyurethane base).
Schwartz Chemical Co. Rez-N-Lac (vinyl base).


MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) or PVC pipe glues.


5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″ from 2 1/2″ to 47 1/2″.


Ten Year Limited: Impervious to insects and moisture that cause delamination, swelling
or rotting.

Special Features

Ideal for salt air and high humidity conditions.
Requires no sealing or priming.
UV inhibitors in white InteCel.
Can be exposed to water sprinkle.
Can be in contact with concrete or ground.
Eliminates warping, splitting, swelling, knots and raised grain.
Uniformity in every board; voids and cupping are eliminated.


Plastic Lumber

Batten Boards | Box Column Corner Boards | Extension Jambs | Fascia Boards Flat Casing Boards
Fence Boards | Gable End Louvers | Garage Door | Flat Jambs and Door Stops | Lattice and Trellis Boards
Mullion Castings | Planters | Rake Boards | Skirt Boards | Soffit Boards


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