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Top Notch Treated Timber Products

Cobb Lumber has been supplying private and professional customers with first rate lumber, timbers, utility poles, wood fence posts, pilings, and erosion control products since we opened our doors in 1978.  Our products are manufactured within requirements for American Wood Preservers’ Association (AWPA), American National Standard Institute (ANSI), and other state and local applicable standards. You can count on quality and compliance with Cobb Lumber.

We customize everything we do:

  • Our easily installed silt fencing is a complete solution for erosion control. You can select commercial or DOT, woven or non-woven fabrics, or reinforced or non-reinforced silt fence for this economical way of keeping soil where it belongs. Or, if you require modifications to fabric, let us know. We can make what you need.
  • Douglas Fir and Yellow Southern Pine wood utility poles are available to your specifications too, not just in terms of size but also in terms of meeting your local, state, or federal requirements for retention needs.
  • You can also get untreated or treated timber and lumber, manufactured and cut to your specifications for everything from pole barns, piers, bridges, homes and office buildings.
  • If  you need a few replacement timber piles  or construction of an entire marina, you can get what you need from Cobb Lumber.
  • Finally, if you are in need of a new fence or just a wood fence post or two, you can count on Cobb Lumber’s long-lasting, heavy-duty fence, corral, and corner posts. We have barn poles too. Have a special need? Longer poles? Larger piling? Heavier treatments? Let us know. Chances are good we can accommodate you.

Calling All Woodworkers!

Explore your craft wood options. Select “Other Products” and then “Craft wood” and you’ll find a secret that many woodworkers across the nation have known about for years: we can be your best resource for hard and soft woods like cedar, cypress, oak, and cherry. Contact us today to learn more.



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